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Breast Implants

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Breast Implant Before and Afters

If you are considering breast augmentation, viewing before and after photos of patients who have had cosmetic surgery with breast implants can be an important aid in deciding if you are a good candidate. Looking at breast implants before and afters can be a good way to start thinking about attaining a new breast size and how breast augmentation can enhance your body's shape, proportions and figure if you elect to proceed with your breast enlargement procedure.

Before and after breast implants pictures of women with similar types of bodies (height, weight, breast size and shape) can be an excellent starting point. When viewing photos of cosmetic surgery patients with like body shapes, think about the results these women have seen with silicone gel or saline breast implants.

Breast implant before and afters can be valuable way to find a plastic surgeon who you can trust and place your confidence in for your breast augmentation procedure. If you elect to go in for a consultation for cosmetic surgery, bring along before and afters that you like to help you communicate your breast enhancement goals to your plastic surgeon. Please remember that every women is unique and improvement rather than perfection of the goal of plastic surgery procedures.

Your plastic surgeon should have a good assortment of before and afters to illustrate their results as a qualified, experienced breast augmentation surgeon. His or her before and after photographs will ideally feature cosmetic surgery procedure details including the height, weight, type of incision and breast implants choice.